Kristen (downwardlashes) wrote in ask_me_anything,

If you could give your pets just one rule that they would absolutely understand and never break, what would it be? As in, what do your pets do that drives you absolutely mad and you wish you could make them stop?

I would tell them that they have to SHUT THE FUCK UP when the baby is sleeping, and that includes not playing wild jungle cat on the bed right next to him. I swear, they sleep and lay about all the time, they are not young cats, but the second I get my son asleep, they start tearing around the house making loud crashes and skittery noises on our wood floors. They LOVE the sound of their claws sliding across the floor. Damn cats. Plus they meow like they've gone insane the whole time. If you could read my mind while they are doing this, you'd never know I was an animal lover.

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