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If money and physics were no object, what would you want?

My cousin and her friends are obsessed with a game called Thanks a Lot in which players are dealt cards with things* on them and you hand them out secretly to the other players based on who would presumably want which things. The players then rank the cards they received from others and the others get points based on how highly what they gave was selected.

[Some examples of things on the cards] the perfect pair of jeans, the letters PhD after your name, a riding lawnmower, 10 acres on the moon, 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep, a 50-foot zone around you impenetrable by children, a eco-tour of the Galapagos Islands, a part in your favorite band's next music video, a working replica of the USS Enterprise, your family tree going back 70 generations, the perfect dog, world peace, a bowling alley in your basement, a bushel of perfectly ripe peaches, one hour with the diary of anyone, lunch with any Clinton - your choice...

It goes on forever, there are a few hundred cards. Thing is, after you play the game a few times, you know all the cards pretty much by heart. I want to make my cousin a new stack of cards and I have a ton of ideas but I'm having a hard time being objective and all cards are stuff I'd actually want. Part of the fun of the game is that you often wind up with stuff you would never possibly want, like I got "running with the bulls in Pamplona" last time we played which is hilariously inappropriate for me. Anyway.

So I need to make lots of new cards! If money and physics were no object, what would you want??? Think as big or small as you like as the game covers everything from warm mittens to freezing time. Thanks!
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