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Car help!

Dear AMA! HALP! HALP! I need car help.

This only lasted about five minutes (probably less) but it freaked the crap out of me.

Okay. My car is a stick shift. After work this morning, I went to get my nephew his xmas present. I had no problem driving there. I left the parking area just fine, got on the road, stopped at light and sped up just like normal.

Then I noticed my clutch was really hard to push in -- I was trying to down shift so I took my foot off the gas and shifted out of gear while trying to push the clutch in and it was doing the roaring you get when you don't have the clutch pushed in. After that, I noticed I couldn't shift into gear. It's probably because of the clutch being hard to push in? I was kind of coasting and I turned onto a less used side street. After trying to get into 1 again, I just got into the middle lane and turned off than turned my car back on.

I could get it into 1 after that and, while it still seemed to resist 2, I was able to go from 1 to 3 okay. Another half a block and I turned into a store. I let like car kind of just idle at the area where you go back onto the street, thinking I should just do the blinkers and use 1st but it was fine after that.

No problems. I could still feel a kind of resistance when going to three to four, but no problems. I drove around for another ten or fifteen minutes, going from 1 to 4, testing. Then I parked for five or ten to see if it would start up against and, while a hint of that resistance was in my clutch, I had no problems. I'm going to try it in an hour or two.

Any ideas? For the entire time I've had the car, I've had a slight problem with putting it in reverse. I just figured it was because I was weak. I had my dad test it and he never had a problem. I'm coming off a 12 hour shift and carried heavy things to my car (and then panicked) so that might play into this but I'm certain about the clutch being hard to push in. That's just one of those things, you know?

I work a graveyard shift so I'm kind of nervous about sudden problems of these kinds popping up. Thanks! =)
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