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Should this get on my nerves?:

My mother and I have both come down with the flu or something like it. We're both pretty fucking miserable and don't feel like doing much. My stepdad, who aggrevates me on a good day, is tending to my mother and treating me like I'm hunky-dory. He thinks I can go about my day, like usual. I'm not asking to be babied, like he does everytime he gets fucking sick, I'm just asking that he atleast acknowledge the fact. I mean, he hasn't even asked me how I'm feeling! Not once, since I've come down with this crud! My mom has to mention that I'm sick, because he refuses to acknowledge the fact and help me out. I think it may just be the cold making me grumpy, but it's really starting to piss me off. Am I being overly dramatic in my thinking or is he really being a jackass?

(...more importantly...why do I even give a shit? <--- don't answer that.)
Tags: an exercise in tact and diplomacy, family
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