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Tattoo idea


I have a long, storied medical history and have a big long scar that goes down from my breast bone all the way down, so I never thought I wanted a tattoo before, because I had those to tell my story.  However, now I want something else on my body to tell my story.  I am frequently judged for my weight to the point where I can't go out in public without being called fat bitch on a regular basis.  My therapist recommends that I keep a trinket on for when I need to feel empowered.

However, I feel like I would lose anything like a bracelet or a ring, and nail colors fade.  

So, with that in mind, I want to get a tatt.

Problem?  I HAVE NO CLUE what to get.

Here are the parameters: 

Nothing big.  It needs to be hidden.  Quite possibly on my chest or upper-arm.

It should signify empowerment. 

If it helps, I am a musician.  I play piano and sing.  I'm big into astronomy and Classicism and ancient myths in general.
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