Samar (sakuraberries) wrote in ask_me_anything,


I'm watching an anime called Jigoku Shoujo, which translates to 'Hell Girl.'  On the anime, the Hell Girl can grant you revenge against anyone in your life by sending them to hell the moment you signal her to.  However, if you send someone to hell, you condemn yourself to hell as well, but only after you die.  The characters on the show make this deal with the Hell Girl for various reasons - vindictiveness, to save themselves or someone they love from physical/emotional pain, etc. 

Would you ever enter this covenant with the Hell Girl, sending someone to hell even though you are consigning yourself to the same fate? Under what kind of circumstances might you make this deal?

(All of this assuming that it is 100% certain that hell exists and is a fiery inferno of eternal pain.)

My answer in the comments.
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