Marie Vignette (marievignette) wrote in ask_me_anything,
Marie Vignette

dr. ama?

so say you have coughing and pressure on/in your chest (which is really uncomfortable when you try to sleep because you keep waking up with a start since it's so hard TO get a breath in because your body thinks its suffocating) and your throat is kinda closed up. you hear junk in your throat when you breathe, but you don't have a fever or any other symptoms. which OTC medication would you pick up? what else would you do to try to alleviate the pressure on/in your chest? i haven't been sick in over 5 years, idk what i'm supposed to do O.o

ETA: i went to walgreens and got their brand of mucinex. i feel much better today, because the pressure in my chest is minimal... but if it's not gone by monday i'm going to go to the doctor because apparently my boss has bronchitis. -.-
Tags: capitals are your friend, dr. ama, health & healthcare
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