ohh cloudy days (what_is_written) wrote in ask_me_anything,
ohh cloudy days

My husband loves chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream but always complains that there isn't enough of the dough. So for his birthday on Saturday I am going to be making egg free chocolate chip cookie dough and mixing a bunch of it into ice cream. :)

For some reason I am nervous about it and have a couple questions that are probably silly.

Do you think soft serve or regular vanilla ice cream would work/taste better? I can buy a quart of soft serve from Dairy Queen or just pick up some vanilla ice cream from the grocery store.

I am worried about mixing it... I know I will have to let the ice cream soften, but I am worried that the consistency or the taste will be weird after I freeze it again... Is this true? Any tips/advice about softening ice cream, adding mix ins and then re freezing it?

Thanks a lot from a chronic worrier. :)
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