Noelle (wristtattoos) wrote in ask_me_anything,

My parents surprised me with plane tickets to see my boyfriend December 12th-18th.

I should be thrilled, but I feel sick over "requesting off". If I "ask" to have it off, my boss is an evil bitch who will pretty much say "NO NOELLE, YOU CAN'T DO THIS, I CAN'T MAKE THE SCHEDULE, GRRR RAWRRR!!", and will belittle me and try to make me feel stupid for such an unreasonable request. If I "tell" her I need off...I will say I'll work the holidays, or other shifts to make it work.

She's awful, seriously. The hyperbole isn't too dramatic, I swear. On the plus side, I work 11p-7a, and I never see her.

Things to consider: Tickets are non-refundable, it's a birthday present, haven't seen bf in 5 months, I really need a break, and it's a f/t $9/hr job working overnights at a hotel. I don't receive any kind of PTO, vacation time, and have been there for a year and a half.

How the hell do I word this request for time off email? Please help me.
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