nyssa (nyssa) wrote in ask_me_anything,

I'm having a party for my birthday, in a little over a month. Hooray!

The problem is, I have NO IDEA what I want to do for my party.

I prefer activity-themed parties as opposed to "music and drinking and dancing" type parties. Like, I'm okay with the party eventually degenerating into "music and drinking and dancing", but I'd like something else to start.

Ideas I'm tossing around: laser tag, art party (???), board games, renting out the arcade, karaoke (Asian-style with the private rooms).

Any other neat ideas? My friends group are generally geeky/smart, generally up for whatever, and generally sex/gender/body-positive. Keep in mind it will probably be 40* and raining (and probably not daylight - sunset is projected at ~4:20pm that day), so outdoor options are limited.
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