guess who will be there (3ducker1culter4) wrote in ask_me_anything,
guess who will be there

Haunted iPhone

This question is from my dad. I haven't seen it, so bear with my description. Apparently, sometimes when my dad opens his text messages on his iPhone, there will already be a response typed but not sent on his end. Has anyone ever experienced this/know what the fuck is going on?
He said that it happened today while his phone was charging, and when he opened a text from me, his phone had something about a barbecue typed in it. The last time he brought it up, I guessed that he was probably pocket typing and it was autocorrecting, but that didn't seem to be a possibility today. He said that it sometimes seems like someone is "writing cheeky things over [his] shoulder." He's really worried that it's hackers (because they would obviously want him to randomly text about barbecuing), and I have no idea what to tell him. Any thoughts?
Tags: we are not tech support
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