Noelle (wristtattoos) wrote in ask_me_anything,

shivering/reverse-sneezing in a brachycephalic dog

Hey guys!

Doggie question here. I brought my pup out this morning to do her business. It was very cold, maybe about 28-32 degrees. She did her business and when she came inside she was violently shivering and reverse-sneezing. She's a Shih Tzu and about 10lbs. I scooped her up, bear hugged her and calmed her down pretty quickly.

Is it possible the reverse sneezing could be caused by the shivering... or would it be caused by her being freaked out by the shivering? This hasn't happened with her before and I felt so bad. She was very freaked out by the cold, which is understandable because she was born in the spring...she's not used to it yet.

I'm going to bring this up at the vet, and from now on we'll put her in a sweater when we bring her out when it was cold, but it was scary and she's still so little!
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