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Old book help

I'm on a nostalgia kick and looking for books I read and enjoyed as an older child/preteen.  There were three in particular I was looking for, and I've remembered two out of the three but the third eludes me.

The two I do remember (this may give you an idea of the time period) are 51 Sycamore Lane and The Ghost of Windy Hill.

The third one... I cannot for the life of me remember its title.  I remember bits and pieces of the book, though.  I remember it involved a teenage boy coming out to the country to live with a cousin(?) for the summer.  The boy has glasses, and pushes them up on his nose a lot.  There's a murder mystery undercurrent, but it was all a misunderstanding (the boy had a nosebleed and lay with his head over the bank of a creek until it stopped, and someone saw him and mistook him for a murdered body) and in the end the boy and his cousin put together a big rodeo-type event to help raise money (?) for something (?) and they use sheep in the roping contests.

I know it sounds really stupid, but it was actually a pretty good book from what I remember.  It would have been published probably in the late 60's or early 70's.

Any ideas? 
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