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Take this big ribbon off my eyes...

Hey folks! Someone please tell me if I post too much. I just have lots of questions! And the forum I used to go to all the time is dying. =/

They have a high turnover rate, and after working there since June I can see why. They constantly change schedules, you never have a set schedule and they call constantly at the last minute to see if folks can come in for shifts...meaning folks are constantly calling in/not showing up for shifts at the last minute. They wake me up/call me late/call me on my off weekends...just are a bother.
Today they called @ 8:15 to see could I do a 3 hour shift starting @8:30. I've been saying no a lot lately because they just want to bombard me and call me last minute which is unfair.
Then they text while I was at my other job and I said I couldn't work because my mom was coming for a visit.
They texted back "k".
I detected attitude in the woman's voice this morning, then with the "k".

My question is, is it right for them to expect me to be on call 24/7 with no quaranteed hours, making minimum wage?
I'm really trying to wait it out til I can find another job but they are driving me crazy. I don't know whether to ask them to quit calling for unscheduled shifts, make what shifts I can, etc. I'm really tired of changing poop and lifting this heavy man, which violates policy anyway. Just want some advice.
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