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I'm considering going back to college, after having dropped out twice due to mental health issues. I've done a lot of personal work in the last three years, and I think I might be ready soon. I'm in a much better place now.

If any of you went to college late, especially after previously dropping out, how was it? did you find that your age and/or history affected the process (specifically, admissions)? my high school test scores are fantastic (2190 sat / 31 act), and my high school gpa is okay (3.5), but my college gpa is abysmal (2.3) because of the mental health issues. will this stand in my way a lot?

also, I've narrowed my potential majors down to two options: theatre or interior design. I've already got about half of a theatre degree, so it would be quicker and therefore potentially cheaper... it's also more in line with my "dream job" although it's probably a less practical degree. a degree in interior design would be more marketable although more expensive to get (owing both to the fact that I'd be starting from scratch and to the fact that art/design schools are more expensive than the school I'm eyeing for my theater degree). also, I'm overall more familiar with the ins and outs of the theatre world, so it holds fewer surprises... although I've been personally interested in interior design for a while too. so. I don't know which way to lean. any thoughts?

this seems scarier than it should be, considering college isn't exactly new to me. XD
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