jeansouth (jeansouth) wrote in ask_me_anything,

How would you deal with this anxiety?


Say you're not long out of college, and looking to work abroad. In this scenario, you're cis-female. You get offered a job halfway across the world, live-in with a (very nice seeming) man who's very busy and needs a personal assistant. Though you don't get paid much, all your expenses are covered (including items like makeup, clothing, etc). You get the chance to go for a three-month trial period to see if you both like it.
However, you're of a paranoid disposition thanks to a lot of exposure during your education to teachers paranoid about human trafficking. Your anxiety appears to be completely unfounded.

What do you do? How do you overcome the anxiety? Do you take certain precautions, do you talk to yourself? What?

And on a side-note, some of the tags make me giggle. However, LJ won't let me add tags. Sorry mods!
Tags: careers & work
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