MOVED (getmyselfabeer) wrote in ask_me_anything,

Another (possibly?) OCD related question I felt I should assign to a different post.

Would this be considered a form of OCD?

Whenever I have to tidy something up / rearrange things / whatever I go about it in a ridiculously long way, For example if my desktop is messy, rather than moving the offending items back into the right place (which would probably take 2 minutes) I have to remove everything from the desk, and lay it all out on the floor, each item (yup, even opening my makeup bag and laying them out seperately) side by side in a sort of grid, with even spaces between them.
Once everything is laid out I can begin putting things back one by one in the right place. 

If somebody comes in and moves something slightly out of place or tries to 'help' by throwing something extra into the pile it seriously stresses me out, and it all has to be re-joggled back into the correct pattern. 
The same will be done when throwing away old receipts from my handbag. Everything taken out, laid out, arranged, then put back into place.

SO. Is this OCD? Am I just anal about arranging? Tell me more, Ama! 

Edit // 
Just to clarify, im asking this question because I am interested to know whether small ~fairly irrelevant~ things like this can be considered a minor form of OCD. I'm not looking for help or attention relating to this illness. 
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