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Transfering with a Job

I just want anyones opinion on what you would do in this situation.

I work at Whole Foods as a cake decorater, I would like to transfer to another store out of state (Boise ID). It's a new store and on the website it says it's plan to open in November of this year. I'm new to the company I was just hired on last October. But my husbands sister (who lives in Nampa ID) is sick and needs someone to help out. She said we could stay with her for quite a while to help her out and move across country. But frist I would need a transfer with my job. However other co-workers I work with (at least 3 of them) have told me how they have wanted to transfer to other stores/departments and have not been able to. Why? I'm not sure but from what I've been told is because our department manager doesn't want to bother hireing on a new person to train them so she says negative things about them when other stores ask about the transferie. I hope I'm making sence.

Anyway I can't put a transfer in until it a position has opened up on the website. I check daiily though but what I was wondering is that should I go ahead and tell my department manager that I'm wanting to transfer??

I'm kinda scared that she will tell the other store (who ever does the hireing) that I'm negative or something....just so she can keep me because I'm a very good worker. Some of my co-workers tell me to go ahead and tell her so she has a heads up so she can be ready to hire someone in my place when and if the other store will want me. Others have told me not to tell her because she will just say something bad about me so she doens't have to deal with hireing someone else. But in the end she will find out because I'm sure they will call to ask about me sooner or later.

I'm so confused?!!? Why whould someone do that to someone who want s to transfer??!!?

I was thinking of calling the new store but since it's not open yet and there are no department managers hired I have no one to call and talk to about wanting to work there.

So my question for you is this.......should I wait till there is an opeing on the website...put in for it and then tell my department manager?
Should I tell her now that I'm wanting to move out of state and transfer to this new store so she has a heads up on what might be happening and ask her to put in a good word for me? (if she does or lies just so she can keep me from leaving. :(

I'm not sure what I should do, since the new store is opeinng in November it's right before the hoildays so I know my current store will not want me to leave ........but yet I'm hopeing that the new store will want me because it's the first Whole Foods in Idaho to open so I would think they would want people working there who have been working for whole foods and have excperience. Right?>!

anyone with any input would be much apprecated. Thank you in adavacne. (^___^)

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