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workin for a living

I've been at my current job for just about 3 years. A little more than 3 years if you count the 4 months I interned there before getting hired. Ever since I started (as a sales & marketing assistant), they have been talking about getting me my own business cards instead of having to use other people's and writing my info on the back.

We ordered some business cards a few weeks ago, and I finally have my own! With my name and extension and email address already on them! I'm PSYCHED and really just wanna start handing them out randomly. It's silly, but I feel like the boss finally understands that I'm not quitting just because I'm finished grad school (we've had the "so what are you future plans?" conversation about 3 times already. I graduated a month ago. Something tells me he's been burned before by similar events).

What's the last work-related thing that made you feel totally awesome?
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