hellgamatic (hellgamatic) wrote in ask_me_anything,

Measles + Sunlight = Blindness?

Okay, my "wise" mother-in-law has informed me of yet another thing that is ABSOLUTELY UNCONTESTABLY TRUE. For reference, the last one of these was "you can't jump up and down while you're pregnant or the baby will fall out."

She claims that when you have the measles, if you get hit by sunlight you can go blind. She had measles when she was 9, and had to sit in a dark room for seven full days and nights to avoid blindness.

What is up with this claim? I've never heard ANYTHING relating to this before; it seems like something you'd at least hear about if it were true. Stories? Anecdotes? Gimme what you know ^_^
Tags: attitudes & beliefs, dr. ama
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