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 So. Here's my situation.

I'm visiting me step-mother and my sister currently.

My sister has a boyfriend, Richard, but she's moving away this week and they aren't even officially dating right now. Seeing as how I'm a virgin and he is very much not, he offered to have sex with me. Now, he wants to have sex with a virgin and I just want some. Sounds like a great plan, right? I'd honestly really consider it if it weren't for one thing- he insists on my sister being the room. I don't know why. She doesn't want to be and said she would just "look Richard in the eyes" the whole time. 

So, AMA. Would you go ahead and agree anyway, try to get away with not having your sister there, or just say no?

ETA: I would like to note that, as a friend says I'm "not into meaning." I have this very weird stigma about se. It means what it is, to me. A phyical act. I'll probably never see Richard again, and that doesn't bother me. I don't want anything emotional attahed to it, just the physical aspect. I know that's differing from  most people, but that's why I'm not falling for all this "it won't be special" stuff.  Because I don't need it to be special.

ETA2: ...I probably should have added that she's my STEP-sister. No blood relation whatsoever. So, the incest part is kind of not a good argument. I should have specified, though. You may now continue bashing my lack of sexual morals.


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