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Sole Survivor

Hypothetical: Five thousand years have passed and only one kind of life exists on Earth.
Poll #1888566 Sole Survivor
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Which one do you want to be the sole survivor?

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12 (17.9%)
Plants (land only)
25 (37.3%)
Birds (non-flying included)
0 (0.0%)
Animals (land only, non-bird)
6 (9.0%)
Marine life (must live in water, all kinds)
24 (35.8%)

Insects are intentionally excluded.
If needed, the last "life-form" would develop ways to sustain itself, including eating each other.
If the options are confusing, go with your gut. Examples: horse is a land animal; penguin is a bird; apple tree is a plant.

ETA: Sustaining itself includes its respiratory ability - it would evolve or adapt as needed, too.
I got an error message when posting this and didn't realize this entry went through.
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