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I went down to my storage room to leave some stuff and noticed someone had left me a note which said they had stolen my guitar. They said the guitar didn't seem to have an owner so they "borrowed" it but would give it back to me if I wanted to. The note was signed with a name and a phone number which seems to be correct. I don't use a lock so I've always expected something to go missing eventually (the things that end up in my storage room are never of any real value) but I'm a bit annoyed at the nerve of the note writer! By my reasoning, the guitar was clearly in MY storage room, which means I own it. It is an unspoken rule in my apartment complex that the things that are left in the hallways are OK to take but you don't steal from the storage rooms. I don't really WANT the guitar back because I can't play the guitar and I have lost my urge to learn (plus I bought it for £10). But at the same time I feel like telling off the notewriter for taking it without asking first (he could have just rung my doorbell and asked if he could have it!!).

Do you think the note writer's reasoning makes sense?
Should I tell him off for taking stuff from my storage room even if I don't want the guitar back?
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