Jennifer (raze__the_rose) wrote in ask_me_anything,

Poopy cat?

I work in a pet store that adopts out homeless cats and dogs. Last spring I got a 12 week old rescue kitten, but within a month or so it became apparent that she has bowel issues.
She can't seem to tell when there's still poop on her bum after using the litter box, so every where she would sit or sleep she'd leave little asterisks of poop smear, and sometimes little whole poops or more. It would go away for a while, and them come back. We were getting tired of cleaning the couch/floor/bedding every day so during the summer she lived out doors, but in our climate I haven't the heart to do that during the winter. She is a year old now, and hasn't grown out of the problem. She'll be a perfect cat for 4-5 weeks at a time and then we'll have a week of shit storm where we have no choice but to lock her in the addition. It's awful. To make matters worse I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy and my husband is at his wits end cleaning, and neither of us can imagine trying to keep that much mess contained with an infant in the house.

We've ruled out food. Changing brands doesn't help and as I get free food from work she's on a very high quality grain free brand right now with no effect. Adding supplements doesn't help, and eliminating treats makes no difference. We have not been able to find any pattern at all. The only thing my coworkers than think of is that it's a problem related to her being tail-less; apparently manx and tailless cats can have issues with the nerves in their back end. But then why is it so intermittent? I've owned two previous tail-less cats with no issue.

She's otherwise very healthy, a good weight, shiny, and a super friendly cat when she's not smearing poo on everything. I'm sure a vet would only prescribe expensive vet food which is by and large lower quality than what she gets now (and costs more).

Has anybody else got any insight we could try? Anything we might have missed? Any advice or help?
Tags: animals & pets, bodily functions, bowel movements, gross
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