Monica (isniffpeople27) wrote in ask_me_anything,

Social Media & Death

Through daily Facebook updates, I have watched a friend's mom's health deteriorate.
The friend started with a post regarding her mom having an aneurysm, and throughout the week she's updated on her health. Today she only stated "There are no words" followed by comments from family/friends...I suspect her mother has died.

Do you think social media is helping or hindering us with this sort of grief?

I believe it helps with the questions and continuous calls to said friend, so that she may focus on the mother and herself. On the other hand, I feel like this publicly exposes such a hard time for her mother and family and it's just sad to watch all of this while scrolling through a feed. I know she's doing it to ask for thoughts and prayers, but do you think this kind of washes out the personal and emotional side to grieving?
Tags: death, facebook
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