leskay (leskay) wrote in ask_me_anything,

Cats and dogs

I'm a cat person and have never lived with less than three cats. I had a dog growing up but none since and I generally dislike dogs though there have been two I've liked, both of whom were extremely quiet, shy, and cuddly. I found this super shy puppy six weeks ago and kept going back to see her and I decided to do a foster-to-adopt. She's being dropped off this weekend.

I don't know a damn thing about dogs, really. Is this a terrible idea? I'm being told my cats will lose their minds, never come out of hiding, and will hate me. Other people have congratulated me on adopting a baby because apparently dog-related responsibility is much higher than cats require. I've also been told there's no way quiet/calm/mopey is her actual personality and she's going to be loud/jumpy/annoying because all dogs are like that and they "trick you." Sigh.

I guess I mostly just want to know personal experiences with dogs and especially with people that have cat(s) AND dog(s). Do they get along? Was there a major personality shift in your cat(s) after the dog was introduced? How much of a pain in the ass in general is a puppy really? Etc. Thank you!
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