Tsar Niggalicious of Stankonia (la0wai) wrote in ask_me_anything,
Tsar Niggalicious of Stankonia

Serious question

Is LiveJournal for old people now?

I've been on this site for more than ten years and I feel like its popularity has declined with my age group over time and that this loss of popularity hasn't been compensated for by younger people either. For example, when I was in high school and I had questions about college, and when I was in college and I had questions about college, it was easy to find answers because there were a lot of active users who had the information I needed. Young people go to college! There are so many movies about it! Like Revenge Of The Nerds starring Nate Silver and Old School starring me only not really!

That's not the case now. Look at ucla. That's where I went to college and they haven't had a new post in about eight months. When I was a student there (I graduated in 2009), the community was a lot more active and useful. Two out of three of the most recent posts were mine too. For a university that's home to more than 40,000 students, I can't believe how dead that place is.
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