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Tv hate

How long do you give a show that you no longer like before you stop watching it? If you've watched it for years, do you keep watching it to see the end game, even though you now hate it? Why or why not?

Inspired by reading through forums of shows I like and being amazed that the majority of the posts are complaints about how horrible it is, some posters expressing actual physical anger or stress over plot developments they don't like. For example, from this week's HIMYM forum: "Every week, I find myself begging for thirty minutes to be over. The characters aren't even recognizable anymore" I don't understand why anyone would continue watching something that they hate. Whenever I've stopped liking a show (I'm looking at you, season 3 of Heroes), I've just stop bothering to care. It's just a tv show. Why do people get so emotionall invested even though they now despise it?          
Tags: likes & dislikes, television
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