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WW AMA do?


you have a job with strange hours, you are the only employee trained to do your job and you work alone so sick days are hard to take they are also all unpaid and you are often penalized for missing a shift even in the event of emergency (yes it's wrong blah blah blah the job is what it is and you have accepted these conditions) so because the job pays well you can afford to hire a private nanny for your children, one of whom is under a year old the other two are school age.

Your nanny has been away on vacation for a week and has another 2 weeks off coming up per your agreement when she was hired (trips were planned before she was hired and you were aware at the time of job offer) she is also the ONLY person who can/will watch your kids (assume you don't have any family or friends locally) so when she is away you either have to book your time off to correspond with her vacation or your SO has to take time off to stay with the kids. About a month ago the Nanny was off for a week sick with Shingles.

You are scheduled to work tomorrow and get this email from the Nanny with less than 24 hours to inform your employer.

I feel like I have a touch of the flu or some kind of bug. 
I can work 10:30 to 8 tomorrow but do you have anyone that could
bail me out early if i'm really not doing well?
I haven't been throwing up but i have hot and cold chills and nausea.
I'd really like to work and i'm sure i'll be doing a little better tomorrow.

What do you do?

Tell her to take a sick day and take one yourself?
Quit your job and cry in the corner?
Fire her and hire someone else?
Have her come over and potentially get the very little baby whom she spends all day very close with(holding/feeding/snuggling) sick?
Drink excessively?
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