mizbhaven13 (mizbhaven13) wrote in ask_me_anything,

Dear Santa...

When my daughter was younger, my mother watched her after school while I worked. Every year around this time, Mom would help her write a letter to Santa, Mom would put the letter in an envelope and tell my daughter she would get the special stamp it needed and mail it off to the North Pole. She would then give the letter to me.

I worked at a printing company and had someone print out several sheets of stationery with “Official Office of Santa Claus” on it, which I would use to respond to my daughter’s letter. Mom would also help my nephews write letters and I would write their responses as well.

My daughter is 18 now and the Santa letter days are long gone. Yesterday, we were watching Miracle on 34th Street and she asked what happened to all the letters that kids send to Santa every year. I told her what happened with her letters but I didn’t know about the ones that were actually mailed.

So…what does happen with letters that are addressed to Santa and sent off to the post office? Any ideas? Serious answers would be nice but non-serious ones are encouraged and greatly appreciated as well.
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