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You're stuck on Tatooine and you are starving to death. The only way to save yourself is to prostitute yourself. Which alien species will you shag (and some you have to do multiple times)

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A Hutt (2x)
2 (6.2%)
Rancor (1x)
3 (9.4%)
The Sarlacc (1x)
2 (6.2%)
vacationing Tauntauns (10x)
1 (3.1%)
vacationing Ewoks (1000x)
3 (9.4%)
Besalisk (10x)
3 (9.4%)
Sand People (3x3somes)
12 (37.5%)
Bith (1,000,000x ... musicians never have any money)
0 (0.0%)
Gungan (10x ... but beware. they like to cuddle)
6 (18.8%)
Toydarian (10x .. but barter carefully)
0 (0.0%)
Tags: best ama questions ever, typical mrflagg post, what kind of fetish is this?!
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