Chimöhre (tinchen) wrote in ask_me_anything,

I whip my hair back and forth

I always thought that most animated shows are totally unrealistic regarding hair styles. Everybody keeps the same hair style for ever. Some time ago a friend of mine commented on how she's different from people at work, since she tries something new every so often. Another friend says that she's just used to put up her hair into a ponytail everyday, because it's the easiest.What about you? I'm just talking styling here, not getting a new hair cut, but really just "pony tail or flowing mane? braided or mohawk?"

Since my hair is naturally wavy and never does what I want I have the feeling my hair never looks the same, but I also vary, parting the hair in the middle or on one side, wearing hair clips or something.

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How often do you change your hair style ?

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Depends on my time and/or mood
24 (25.3%)
I try something different every day/every other day
4 (4.2%)
36 (37.9%)
I stick to one style (special occasions don't count)
26 (27.4%)
I put special snowflakes in my hair/you missed an option
5 (5.3%)
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