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On the Physical Demostrations of Affection

So how affectionate do you expect your friends to be? Inspired by the following situation. Edit: Not really what I meant to ask and I have gotten my head around the situation as much as possible, so thanks :)

ALEF and BET become friends in high school, then rapidly fall in love. ALEF insists BET confess by email, feelings are awknowledged and then ALEF decides nothing is going to happen because of Alef multiple reasons. ALEF and BET have a stupid fight because the tension is unbearable, they don't talk for months and then ALEF calls BET and apologizes. ALEF and BET remain friends, communicating mainly by phone by visiting occasionally. About 2 years later ALEF visits Bet, there's some making out. 1 year after that BET visits Alef, there´s more than making out, non strings attached. 2 years later, ALEF (who is in a newish relationship) visits BET in Bet's flat in a different city. BET notices ALEF is trying very hard not to touch in the double bed, even accidentally.
6 months later BET returns visit, when ALEF arrives to the station to pick ALEF up, ALEF gives BET a hug since it's been a while since they saw each other. ALEF stiffens and sort of pats Bet's back. BET tries hard to be Alef good guest and make polite conversation with A's employers with whom ALEF resides, who are welcoming and chatty in turn. ALEF basically asks BET to stay away from everybody, not go down to the kitchen, etc, which BET can't help but understand as ALEF being ashamed or not trusting Bet's discretion/manners.
One day, after several tiffs, ALEF and BET are out together and BET says 'you owe me a proper hug', having been teasing Alef about the stilted attempt at the station. ALEF answers, quite seriously: I don't really feel like hugging you, I'm very affectionate with other people but I never feel like hugging you.

Now, my question is, would you be offended if an ex told you something like that? What motives would you assume they had?

Tags: dear god my brain!, ffs just make up some names!, totally not hypothetical, what the font?!
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