Little lost pixie (speaktothevoid) wrote in ask_me_anything,
Little lost pixie


Yesterday, I remarked to a friend of mine that I don't quite understand those cartoons and logos that depict the moon as a crescent with someone sitting in it, like it's empty space -- I mean, it's a cute look, but when I look at the moon in its crescent stage, I see a dark grey circle (slightly lighter than the night sky) with a bright rim on one side. Not just that rim. He said he finds it extremely unlikely that that's what I'm actually seeing -- he thinks it's my mind filling in the rest of the moon because I know it's a ball and is supposed to be circular. Which... I don't think so, and frankly I don't like the idea of my brain randomly filling in details in what I see.

So AMA, what do you see when you look at a crescent moon? The whole circle, or just the rim?
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