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Residential speed limits

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What's the speed limit on the section of road you live on?

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under 30km/h (19mph)
19 (16.2%)
30km/h to 40km/h (19-25mph)
26 (22.2%)
40km/h to 50km/h (25-31mph)
32 (27.4%)
50km/h to 60km/h (31-37mph)
21 (17.9%)
60km/h to 70km/h (37-43mph)
5 (4.3%)
70km/h or over (43mph)
4 (3.4%)
I don't know/it doesn't have one
10 (8.5%)
somehow my house is not on a road or this doesn't apply to me
0 (0.0%)

In my opinion, this speed limit is...

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...too slow
5 (4.7%)
...too fast
14 (13.1%)
...just right
83 (77.6%)
something else
5 (4.7%)

If it really comes down to it, assume the ranges are inclusive on the lower end and exclusive on the higher end. E.g., if your speed limit is exactly 40km/h, choose option #3. God help us all if you live right at the corner of an intersection.
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