Thrashbear (thrashbear) wrote in ask_me_anything,

Men's Rights Movement

Last night, I stumbled on a website about the Men's Rights Movement.  While I haven't swallowed the red pill quite yet, I confess they have some interesting concepts.

(warning, long personal TL;DR ahead)

Some observationsCollapse )

Curious to hear what others think about the MRM.
Tags: entitlement issues, failed forays into logic, fucking furries, i can't take criticism, i use this community to push my agenda, it's a trap!, judgmental assholes, lurk more, male plumbing issues, men, missing the point, please validate my unwavering opinion, possible trigger, pseudo-science, quantity over quality, the answer is in the tags, there goes my faith in humanity again, tl;dr, troll in the dungeon!, warning: user may be stupid, what manner of fuckery is this?, wtf, you are the problem
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