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Hair Help: Failed dye job, Color Oops, blonde and red


I need some help with my hair. I'm a natural brunette but I have been dying it red for ten years. But I've been wanting to go more ginger a la Jessica Hamby/Amy Pond-esque, so my strategy was to first dye my hair blonde and then red to make the red really vibrant.

But like everything in my life, as simple as it seemed, it did not go as planned. Think ombre in reverse. My roots are now bleach blonde and my dyed-red hair fades down to ... I don't know, dirty brown, I guess.

Hair Cuttery wanted $110 to fix the atrocity. I went over to Great Clips. They said they don't do dye jobs, but $110 is a bargain for it because it involves stripping and other things I don't understand.

Anyways, my question is: what do I do at home? Do I use the Color Oops on the bottom part? On all of it, including the roots? Will it remove the blonde, the red, and everything and leave me with my natural brunette-ness?

(Pics to come in a bit.)

ETA: I went ahead with the Color Oops and it did a great job at evening it out. Thanks for your input! :)
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