Samar (sakuraberries) wrote in ask_me_anything,

gaps in knowledge

Inspired by a recent conversation with my mother and an episode of HIMYM.

So the other day I was telling my mom about this incredible coffee I was drinking at my school cafe.  I mean, it's literally the best coffee I've ever tasted.  Then, I told her I used half and half milk, and she said, "Half and half? Are you crazy? What about your triglycerides? And cholesterol? And aren't you trying to lose weight?"

So I'm like, "Mom, what are you talking about? Half and half milk means it's half fat free, half whole." 

My mother looked at me like I was crazy, and so I proceeded to look up half and half milk.  Turns out it's half whole milk, half cream.  No wonder that coffee tasted so fantastic - it wasn't the coffee, it was the damn milk.  And I was left wondering how on earth I was I made it to twenty years old without knowing what half and half milk is.

Did you ever have any odd gaps like this in your knowledge until someone set your straight? Did you also not know what half and half milk is? Did you pronounce chameleon tsha-ma-leon? Were you unaware that the North Pole is a real place?
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