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Are you "good" at going to the doctor?
By this I mean if you're good at telling them all your symptoms, asking all your questions and not refusing the doctor's conclusion in favour of an internet-based self-diagnosis? The latter obviously depends on whether you're right and the doctor is simply an idiot. ;)

I was at the doctor today due to the hair loss I've mentioned in a previous post. I had written down several symptoms that I never brought up, mainly because he didn't really ask and I didn't know how to naturally incorporate it into the conversation. I realized afterwards that when he asked "So are you feeling OK otherwise?" that was probably meant as a prompt for me to tell him other symptoms, but I thought he meant "Are you feeling OK today?" so I didn't mention my vomiting and fainting spells that happen monthly. So I guess you could say I'm bad at going to the doctor, but I'm satisfied with the visit anyhow (for those curious, the doctor is testing for vitamin deficiency and hyperthyroidism as a cause for the hair loss, but it could just be completely normal as well).
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