alneowyld (alneowyld) wrote in ask_me_anything,

AMA Karaoke v9.0

The premise is simple - if you want to play, either reply to this post saying something along the lines of "I want to play", or equivalent colloquial expression. If you prefer, you can also attach a list of songs you'd like to sing to your reply.

Then, people need to reply to those comments with either suggestions for a song for that person to sing or, if they shared a list, which one of those songs they'd like the person to sing. Share them out - only suggest one song per person, and if somebody has already received a load of suggestions from others, then look to help out the people who've been given fewer suggestions. Try to aim for songs that the person will know too - if they say they don't know your suggestion, try to come up with another one.

If you'd prefer to skip this altogether and just go straight to singing, you can pick out your own song and post it too. It would however still be preferable to at least post a list of songs you like and let others pick one for you, to help maintain a sense of community involvement, but you are not obliged to. The choice is up to you.

Then the tricky bit - once you've had songs suggested to you, you must pick one (or more) and perform it. This can take the form of a YouTube video, a LJ voice post, an uploaded sound file, whatever (though videos are always preferred)... You must perform at least one of the songs suggested/voted on, or else be subjected to all manner of ridicule. The more people that participate in asking to play as well as requesting for other community members to perform songs, the better!

As a final note, remember that we'll be playing AMA Karaoke all throughout Saturday and Sunday, so please keep coming back as much as you can, some people will not be able to get to it until later on and you wouldn't want to miss their songs now would you?

Once done post your songs here.
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