goldfoil (goldfoil) wrote in ask_me_anything,

you're writing a job application. You're using a fair few example from your current position. Your current boss doesn't know you're job searching. You have other references but are tossing up asking your current boss to be a reference (she has said previously that if we want references she'll give them BUT the context was another employee actually leaving the company and getting a reference, not while still in the position).

Do you tell your boss you're applying for another position and would like her to be a reference? Or do you not say anything?

I feel like it might be a real faux pas to ask my current employer to speak on my behalf as i apply for another job and if i DON'T get the job, then i'm left in a potentially awkward work atmosphere. Idek. My boss is very pragmatic, but geez i don't want to jeopardise my relationship with her at my current position. I'm quite new to the real business world after leaving uni, so i don't really know the etiquette here. help?
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