lilmizzaniml (lilmizzaniml) wrote in ask_me_anything,

Help me fashionistas of AMA!


I am going to see Iron Maiden and Coheed and Cambria on Friday and I need to look cool!  I will be going backstage and possibly be right up front near the stage (not sure yet, my cousin hasn't told me) and, on top of this, will FINALLY be getting to meet my cousin's boyfriend for the first time (as well as I'm assuming the rest of Coheed), and I want to make a good impression.  Any suggestions on what to wear?  This will be an outdoor show in Dallas in August, so the outfit will have to be cool in that sense as well.  I'm also willing to shop, but we're talking a Target-type budget.  I'm no good at this stuff, but I'm sure you guys are!

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