akilahquinn (akilahquinn) wrote in ask_me_anything,


I know I shouldn't be impatient with my children. But I find myself repeating things to them what seems to be a million times. I am trying to teach my 3 1/2 year old his numbers and alphabet. But I get impatient and I try not to show the impatience with him. How long does it take to teach a kid their numbers? Am I starting to early or should I have started months ago? I don't know. I want him to be ready for kindergarten. I tend to get frustrated and impatient to easily. I am wondering if I should put him into preschool and have them try to teach him? Yet I don't really have the money and I don't know if I could get help paying for it from somewhere. any ideas on how to teach him his numbers and what not to get him ready for school?  I just need some advice/help.
Tags: education, parenting
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