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I know that the U.S. has a very large spread of cashless payment system with a variety of mechanisms. This implies that most ordinary people in everyday life do not operate with large amounts of cash. I've even heard that the man paying the 100 dollar bill , are treated with suspicion. By the way, is this true? But the main question is a bit of something else. Often in adventure films and crime films, the heroes have to mess around with a suitcase full of money ,which stores a very large sum - well , for example , a million dollars. Millions of dollars in paper form - it's pretty cool. I think this amount can impress anyone. Such a sum could even puzzle : Well, as for example , without suspicion of use . But, I'm interested in how people perceive the United States such episodes plots of movies ? Seen on the screen a lot of paper money - it excites and arouses the greed ? Or is ridiculous and does not cause any experiences ?
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