cityofmist (cityofmist) wrote in ask_me_anything,

Looking for a poem. Not a particular poem, any poem will do

Can anyone suggest to me a poem (or poems) with a male speaker addressing a woman, and a message along the lines of 'I love you, why are you cruelly rejecting me'? Any time period and style would be fine.

Edited to add detail: I'm writing my summer project for English on women in literature being the passive partner in a romantic relationship, so to speak, and the man being the one actively pursuing her. I'm looking for a poem maybe with a kind of courtly-love feel to it, with the man being the suitor and the woman just having either the 'accept' or 'reject' option (another extract I'm using is the scene in Anna Karenina where Dolly and Levin basically discuss exactly that).
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