Spookykat (spookykat) wrote in ask_me_anything,

Yesterday, I prepared food for church, so I had a ton of stuff to carry, and was going in and out of the house to load up the car because I live by myself.  There was this dog.  Cute little thing, spaniel/dachshund mix, collar on with tags, seemed very happy and sweet...but...seriously I was running a tad late and did NOT want to spill a big-ass crock-pot full of chili tripping over a dog, and also, did not want to mess up my clothes, either, because I didn't have time to get changed again.  

So...this dog comes in my yard.  It happens enough in this neighborhood.  It's kind of on the outskirts of town, and dogs are frequently out without a leash or without supervision, and I'd brought everything else successfully without tripping over the dog, but then when I brought the chili?  She decides to invite herself in.  She goes straight to my cat's litter box, proceeds to eat it...then goes to my laundry hamper, makes herself at home there...I had to pick her up (which is how I found out she was a she) and I put her in the backyard.

Any time my mom's dogs are in contact with a kitty-litter box, that's the first thing they go for.  It's like they've got a built-in radar for it.

So my question...why do dogs go for the kitty litter? 
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