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I'm eligible to upgrade my phone at the end of the month. My Blackberry still works the way it's supposed to but is basically an obsolete device - I can't play the games or get the apps I want, the web is functional but slow and tedious to use and all of my friends have long since switched to other devices, so I don't need BBM anymore, either.

I was just poking around on the Verizon website and am really interested in the Samsung Galaxy III. I have a point-and-shoot digital camera that's pretty awesome, but I don't always have the need or desire to carry it with me, so I like the idea of having a decent camera on my phone. My boyfriend (and mom and brother) have the original Galaxy and will probably upgrade to this one when they're eligible, so I also like the idea of being able to easily share pictures with them. In the past, friends have had Motorola phones but it always seemed like they were having some type of issue and that the phone wasn't working.

I have no interest in an iPhone but don't really know what else is out there. Any suggestions or recommendations?
Tags: get whichever one isn't an iphone, totally new and original question
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