Jor L. (jordinothepizza) wrote in ask_me_anything,
Jor L.

Pool Problems

My apartment complex has had problems with people who don't live in the complex using the pool and they've also had problems with general inconsiderateness (more than 2 guests, alcohol by the pool, etc). They've decided to solve the problem by giving out red armbands that say "pool" on them to the people that live in each apartment. Apparently, we must swim with the armbands on to avoid any confusion as to whether or not we live in the apartment complex.


In my old complex, each apartment got a key for the pool, and that seemed to work well for keeping out those who didn't belong.


What do you think of the armband system? Do you like it more/less than the key system? Do you have another system that you think would work better than either listed above?


Tags: living situation
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