grandwazooo (grandwazooo) wrote in ask_me_anything,

I fear I am becoming a musical misogynist. Almost every musician/group who have ever impressed me have been male - I will occasionally have flirtations with female artists but they never stick: Alanis Morrisette(too overplayed and manufactured), Jewel(too whiney) Ani Difranco(too shouty and political), there are always albums being released, but they always feel like they are just another pretty girl who can sell CD's for a summer - but to be fair I am looking for exceptional - artists who you don't feel like a teenage superfan when using the term Genius (personally I would use the term for Zappa, Zevon and RD James by way of examples), musicians with a real depth of style and breadth of subject matter.

So what female artists do you feel you can genuinely describe as musical geniuses - from whatever era or genera ?

I went through a lot of the suggestions and these are my thoughts as I was listening - if you care - I have tried to be honest and fair and only criticised from the POV of whether it does it for me
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