FUCKING ZUBAT (finding_jay) wrote in ask_me_anything,

So, my manthing is getting his adenoids removed next week. His doctor has been incredibly helpful about this by providing him absolutely no information about what to expect in terms of recovery, and seeing as my manthing is working away at the moment, I'm unable to get help.

So, it's up to you guys and the general interbutt about what I can expect to do in terms of being a good womanthing and helping my man to survive the no doubt torturous and bloody, screaming hell that will by his recovery period.

Most of what I've found has been about kids getting their adenoids removed, but my manthing is 27 and obviously not a child (although manchild could be related).

What I'd like to know is-

How long is he going to feel like shit for?
Is he going to be able to talk, or are we going to have to talk in mime and a series of grunts and groans?
What foods should I avoid feeding him? What foods are good and easy to consume?
For how long should I avoid sticking a penis down his throat?

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